Finding The Right Univega USA Bike For You

Finding The Right Univega USA Bike For You

Finding the right bike for you can be complex and intimidating. There are so many different biking options to choose from, with each type offering the rider a unique experience. If you're a bit stuck about which one of our Univega collections is the right one for you, we got you covered.


Hybrid & Comfort Bikes

If you primarily ride around your neighborhood or dirt paths, a hybrid or comfort bike is ideal for you. Hybrid bikes are a combination of road and mountain bikes. They contain comfortable padded seats and upright handlebars. Their tires are smooth enough to tackle the city roads and thick enough to handle the uneven surfaces of most trails. As the offshoot of hybrid models, comfort bikes are designed to give the rider the ultimate comfort while riding around the city or on trails. It's designed with an upright riding position, and the saddle is wider and has springs to offer additional support. The pedals on a comfort bike are slightly forward, enabling the seat to be lower. This allows the rider to place their feet on the ground when they stop riding or are seated on the bike. Both hybrid and comfort bikes are not meant for rigorous riding. 


Mountain & Mixed Terrain Bikes

Need a bike that can take a hit? Mountain or mixed terrain bikes are built up with a solid frame to withstand aggressive riding. These bikes contain knobby tires which are designed to grip dirt and gravel on unstable terrains. For improved traction or control of your bike, these bikes are loaded with suspension, enabling the wheel to move up or down over objects in their path. Off-roading adventures can be anything but a smooth ride; thankfully, the frame and fork of these bikes take all the hits—not your body. Don't worry about steep or loose climbs! The frame geometry of these types helps improve the traction in loose dirt. 


Fitness Bikes

If you're a beginner or looking to get back into biking, these are the perfect type of bikes to start with! Fitness bikes are road bikes that put the comfort of the rider first. Similar to a traditional road bike, these bikes contain a lightweight frame and thin fast-rolling 700c wheels. They feature flat handlebars that offer a more comfortable upright riding position and better control, helpful if you're commuting. These bikes contain disc brakes which provide improved control in wet conditions. 


Whether you're looking to rip it off-road, commute to work, or enjoy leisurely rides around your neighborhood or along the coast, we have an American assembled bike ready for you!