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  • In Late 1959,

    in Southern California and expands it into an iconic

    multi-store chain of bicycle shops by the end of the 60's.

    Lawee had become dissatisfied with the quality of bikes bought from his suppliers.

    He began designing and importing his own bikes. In fact, many popular bike brands were imported during the bike boom of the 70’s.

    The demand for quality and purpose was defined, as other bike shops started requesting to sell his bikes.

    Univega was born.

    He’s considered an innovator and is credited with introducing one of the very first production mountain bikes available for less than $1,000 in 1981.

    The addition of mountain bikes, to the already established line of Univega Road bikes, led to fantastic growth for the brand during the remainder of the 1980s.

    Ben Lawee retires in 1996 and sells the brand to a European bicycle company.

    with South Carolina bicycle assembly, the rights to the name are sold

    by a member of Lawee's family to the Kamler family. Ben’s family was excited

    to pass on the legacy of Univega, knowing it would be in good hands.

    The brand will live on, as a leader in high quality bicycles at the best price,

    and supporting the rich history Ben built Univega upon.