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  • FAQ


    Who is Univega USA?

    It is a fascinating story of two great families with a rich heritage in the bicycle business. The Univega brand was started in 1970 by Ben Lawee, who owned several highly successful bike shops in California. He was dissatisfied with the bikes his suppliers were offering and decided to start designing his own bikes that would meet his high standards. Other bike shops outside of California started buying from him and his business in the USA (and Internationally) grew rapidly thru the 1980’s and 1990’s. Ben retired in 1996 and sold the rights for the brand to a European bicycle company. Fast forward to 2018. The Kamler family, with over 100 years of experience in the bicycle business reached out to one of Ben’s family members and shared their vision for bringing back Univega. The Kamler’s had built a state-of-the-art bicycle factory in South Carolina in 2014 and were ready to produce bikes that would meet Ben Lawee’s standards. Ben’s family saw the plans and were excited to see the legacy of Univega would be in good hands. They felt Ben would be proud the brand will live on with bicycles that are Assembled in the USA and once again become a leader in high quality bicycles at affordable prices. Univega USA was born.

    Where can I buy a Univega USA bike?

    All Univega USA bicycles are sold strictly though our network of Authorized Bicycle Retailers throughout the USA.

    How can I find a local bike shop near me?

    You can begin with our Dealer Locator on our website. It is important to note that while the Univega brand has been around since 1970, the new company Univega USA is just beginning assembling bicycles in our state-of-the-art factory in South Carolina. We are adding dealers literally every day, but if you are unable to find a dealer nearby you have two options. First of all, you could visit your local bicycle shop and ask them to contact Univega USA directly. Another alternative is for you to send an email to Info@Univega-USA.com and we will help find a dealer near you.

    Can I buy directly from the factory?

    We do not sell directly to consumers. We are carefully selecting the right retail partners so our customers can be sure to get the proper fit and final assembly for their bikes. Your local bike shop is a great resource for advice, selection and after the sale support. Also remember, supporting your local bike shop helps create jobs and keeps dollars in your local community.

    What is Univega USA’s warranty policy?

    We want you to love your bike and enjoy it for years to come. Univega USA stands by the high-quality standards we have set and aim to please. It begins with bringing the bike back to the shop you purchased it from (or you can choose another retailer if you have moved). They will contact Univega USA and we will work hard to resolve any issue you have with your bike. For specific warranty info you can find it here.

    Is the warranty transferrable when sold or purchased second hand?

    The Univega USA warranty is not transferrable and is valid for the original owner only.

    Can you send warranty items directly to me?

    We will only send warranty/replacement parts directly to your local bike shop so we can be sure your bike is restored to its proper functioning condition. If you have moved, it does not have to be the bike shop you purchased it from, but choose a different bike shop nearby and ask them to contact us or you can contact us at Info@Univega-USA.com and we will find a shop nearby to support you.

    Can you send me a catalog?

    We don’t produce a paper catalog any longer. Our company is committed to constant improvement regarding our carbon footprint and careful use of natural resources. Our website can provide you with a full list of specifications and other useful information.

    Can I find a copy of the Owner’s Manual on line?

    You can find a copy of the Owner’s Manual by finding it here.

    Can you send me touch up paint?

    Not as easy as it used to be. There are lots of regulations and red tape involving producing, storing and shipping touch up paint. Truly your best option is to go to your local hobby shop where you are going to find a large assortment of paint colors that will likely match your bike color.

    Do I have to register my bike? If so, how do I do it?

    It is important that you register your new bike. It will establish you as the owner of the bike in the event you need any future warranty support. In addition, it can be helpful in the event your bike is ever stolen and your local police need to verify a recovered bike belongs to you. For more info on how to register your bike you can find it in the footer menu, under Support.